A Glimpse of Love in Action

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Each month a few of us crash a local laundromat with pockets filled with quarters and a bucket of laundry soap in hopes of being a blessing to the low-income families in downtown Phoenix. It’s a little gesture, but through it, we’re learning to care for those of diverse backgrounds and economic realities. It’s great, we care for them a LITTLE bit and the teach us a LOT. We believe it’s actions like these that will change our city, and it starts by changing us. This Thursday (Sept. 18), we’re headed back to Wash and Dry Laundromat once again to continue the relationships we’ve built and hopefully forge some new ones. Our hope is to have projects like these all over the city.

August’s Laundry Love Project via Flickr

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  1. Zack, how did you find/choose the laundromat — is it close to where you live? How did you establish a rapport with the managers (who must have found your request unusual)?

    Posted by Jon ReidReply
  2. The area we live in has a few laundromat’s within a mile of us. I went to each of them – the closest one first – told, them about the concept of LLP and asked if they would allow us to do it at their laundromat. The first one I tried was far from interested, deeming the project too much too worry about. The second one was faceless, run from a distance by the owner. I couldn’t find an easy way to get in contact with him. So I moved on to the next until we found a great owner who embraced us deeply. He loves us (we stop in on non-LLP days to say hi and care for him) and we love him. We really emphasized that we would do our best to help his business and not hurt it by helping him with projects around the laundromat and by advertising to new clientele instead of just us paying for his clients who would pay him anyway. For example, we don’t advertise the LLP within the laundromat.

    I’d be glad you with more info about our experiences if it helps as you investigate starting one in your neck of the woods. just4one.org has a great guide that’s helpful as well. Hope this helps!

    Posted by ZackReply

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