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I rarely think of art as I watch most movies today.  Most are products to be consumed rather than artistic "gifts" to be inspired and challenged by.  It's depressing in fact to think about the vast number of movies produced and released only to turn a quick and easy profit.  The film industry is a great example of how we've reduced the voice of the artist for the sake of profit.

But I am thrilled by the release of a movie currently in theaters called "Once".  It is a brilliant film that is pure art.  It is a film about music, love, and a dream.  Much of the story is told through song, which is brilliant and more effective than dialogue in this case.  The music is perfect, human, real, and inspired.  The music, the story, and the brillance of it all is deeply moving as it reminds us that dreams, love, and creativity push through a world ruled by harsh "realities" and staunchy thinking.

You must see this film and afterward you will probably buy the soundtrack as well.  And as Zach has said well,

"The best thing about the movie is listening to the soundtrack afterwards and you’ll find yourself reliving the scenes in the movie through the music."

The "Once" website

HT: Zach Lind @ Finding Rhythm 


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