Idealism: a lost art?

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I am an idealist. I used to fight it, but I’ve accepted it now. I am proud of that label. Sure I might be a bit overzealous and oversimplify some complexities of modern life and culture, but I’m okay with that. This idealism may send me into riskier situations and may very well cost many a sleepless night and much money. This alone prevents many at-the-core-idealists to remain closeted. But I can’t see those risks – or at least, I don’t see those risks. The upside is too much more exciting, too much more important. All I can think of is this, in a world that tends to kill dreams with an overdose of reality, don’t we need some idealists? Don’t wee need some people who are upbeat and focused on what could be, what should be?

I think we need many more of these people. I can’t see any other way to live, think, act, and breathe anymore. I know too much about God’s Kingdom and it’s very real presence here and now on this planet we call earth. God’s Kingdom is very much here and very much at work. In fact it IS the ultimate reality. Jesus taught us so much about it. Most of what he revealed to us in the scriptures turned the rules and way of normal earthy living on its head. It was radically different. My belief is this – If we subscribe to that Kingdom (if we are a part of it in Jesus) then we too much begin to live by it’s way of life. The way of Jesus. A way not motivated by personal gain, but rather by the ability to be a blessing to the livers of others. A way that in which the Spirit of God rules rather than the spirit of men. A way in which love rules and humilty makes heroes. A way in which the servant is king. It is a radically different way of living.

This leads me to believe that in at least one area of life, we can be confident idealists in – that God desires to see his Kingdom embraced by more and more of his created people. I am convinced that our pursuits that purely seek God desire in this – they will succeed, even if that success is altogether of a different kind than we imagine – a truth we must comes to terms with.

So here’s my fellow Kingdom idealists who share with me the passion to see God Kingdom way of live (the way of Jesus) become more evident in the lives of their communities.


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