The Soliton Sessions

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 Next month, a few of us from our developing faith community (along with some local friends involved in another community) are headed to Ventura, CA for the Soliton Sessions.  The Soliton Sessions are put on by the Soliton Network, a network of global missional practitioners who host discussions those interested "in dialogue about 21st century mission, justice, spirituality and the church."  I went last year, and I loved the experience.  It was amazingly forming to my thinking on mission and the church.  If this sounds like something you would interested in check out more details here.  If you live in Southern California and are interested in hooking up while were out there – email me here.


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  1. Zack, I would love to hook up your gang with our gang @ soliton to hear your stories.

    Posted by JonReply
  2. Jon, definately man, we would love to connect with you guys. Looking forward to it.

    Posted by ZackReply

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