Where we’re headed in Fall ‘08

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I am not sure if it’s the end of the summer (a hellish season here in the desert) or if it’s old Youth Ministry habits that we can’t kick, but the fall represents the start of a new season of life and ministry for our family. Fall ‘08 is shaping up to be no different. We’ve got some great new direction that I think line up well with us in this season of communitasphx’s short lifespan.

Here’s the highlights:

  • we’re publicly launching the movement that is communitasphx by inviting those around us into the ideals (Jesus, community, justice, & creativity) that we believe best expose the kingdom of God in our world. We’re convinced that at the heart of each individual, there is an interest (even a longing) for these ideals. We want to invite people to join us in exploring them and orienting our lives around them. See this post to see the postcards we’re getting out into our community.
  • we’re launching some new initiatives to invite those outside the church experience and participate in Kingdom activity
  • we’ll pull together people we’ve met so far to form the beginning of a faith community this Fall. It’ll start with a weekly dinner, conversation/study of Jesus, and prayer together

Here’s a list of the initiatives we have planned and how they fit into our ideals:

spirituality/jesus –

  • faith community gatherings (weekly) – a shared meal and conversation about following jesus
  • a symbolic order (on-going) – a “dispersed order” together vowing to the ways of jesus, community, justice, creativity
  • communitas network (bi-monthly) – a time for missional practitioners in Phoenix to meet, dream, learn, and collaborate

community –

  • neighborhood bike rides (bi-weekly) – inclusive rides to build community, develop presence, and to have fun.
  • First Friday parties (monthly) – “porch parties” which serve as HQ for experiencing the downtown First Friday artwalk
  • Coronado Community Garden (on-going) – collaborative gardening with neighbors

justice –

  • Laundry Love Project (monthly) – opening a local laundromat to provide free laundry to the working poor & homeless
  • A Trashcan Can Make a Difference (on-going) – redistribution of goods to those in need by “intentional generosity”
  • Community Garden Outreach (on-going) – providing food for the working poor & homeless in our community
  • Sun. AM Homeless Breakfast (weekly) – caring for & helping with a meal for those on the streets


  • creative days (weekly) – a space/time for artists and non-artists to create together
  • group photo shoots (monthly) – exploring the aesthetic of our city together through themes
  • art events/parties (quarterly) – themed art events and/or parties merging spirituality, justice, and community with creativity

This is an exciting time for us as we launch a new season of experimenting with new and fresh ways to engage those around us with the beauty and availability of the Kingdom of God. Pray for us, for our initiatives, for those God’s currently preparing to join this movement, and for those God’s moving us toward to help move toward Him.

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