I am Zack Newsome

I am a husband, a father, a thinker, a creative, an adventurer, lover of the city and wild spaces. I am a web designer at VAUX digital, creator of Outward Goods, & writer at Outward Spaces.  I love to create things – enjoying the process more than the product.

Personal Website Refresh

While consolidating all of my work and personal web projects for my work with VAUX digital, I realized that I have grossly neglected my personal website and blog here at zacknewsome.com. My last blog post, a post about having not blogged for the 3 prior years, was posted in 2013. Effectively, I hadn’t contributed anything […]

Back at it

It was almost 3 years ago (August of 2010) that I last wrote here.  It was an article about how, despite not writing much, I needed to – to express much of the random thoughts, opinions, & musings constantly streaming through my mind.  It’s ironic that after writing such an article, I failed to write […]

Why I haven’t been writing, but need to NOW.

I am an external processor.  I need to get my thoughts outside of my head and heart to be able to, with any sense of accuracy, decipher them.  For my entire life, I’ve used the generous ears of others to intellectually and emotionally wrestle with myself. With this incessant, outloud-thinking, I’ve burned a bridge or […]

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