A Symbol Manifesto

This past weekend with the amazing people who make up Symbol, we explored our conviction as a community.  What we came up with smacks of a manifesto – something I am thrilled about.  Here's what we came up with:

Our expression of community must include:
the poor
the redemption of what it means to be “Christian”
a learning of Spanish
the care of the environmentas spiritual practice
a belief that the present reality is as important as the future reality
a kingdom theology/praxis
laughter/enjoyment of each other
being a people of action/not just talking
a multigenerational community (all ages)
sexually sensitivity towards the gay/lesbian community
the humble pursuit of truth
a community that becomes a voice for the voiceless

Our expression of community must avoid:
a callous/apathetic existence
a cynical nature
a self-focus

It will be interesting to see how this manifesto develops as we travel further down this road.  I'll keep you posted 

The Symbol Communities  


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