AA and the evangelical discipleship meeting

I spent this morning in a coffee shop that isn't my usual coffee shop. For some reason, in this coffee shop I seem to always overhear some sort of "discipleship" conversation.  I will admit, I feel it the moment I walk through the doors: a small group huddled around a table, bibles poised to lookup a common passage screams evangelical Christianity.  I know it well.

Today's group seem to be some sort of leadership team from a local church – probably the youth ministry leadership.  Again, something I know well.  T thing thst struck me during my eavesdropping, was how much the conversation resembled an AA meeting.  One by one they went around sharing their recent failures and asking one another to pray for these weaknesses.  Little focus is put on the successes and the joys of following Jesus.  I have been to enough AA meetings with to see a similarity. 

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