Barry Bonds: I don’t get it

My friend Josh and I went to a Giants/Angels Spring Training game (one of the perks of living in Phoenix). The game was pretty packed because Barry Bonds was there. If you have been asleep in recent days (or just don’t care about sports), Barry Bonds is the focus of a upcoming book entitled, Game of Shadows, by Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams (read an excerpt here) that blows away any thought that maybe, just maybe, Bonds wasn’t on the juice. As Barry came to the plate, I got my “booooooooo” face ready to greet the cheater. I was half-surprised that he even dare show his face in a baseball stadium under the circumstances. As I “booed” at the top of my lungs, I was shocked that my “boo” was drowned out by cheers. Cheers! These fans actually cheered the biggest cheater the game of baseball has ever known! I was speechless. What does this say about the game of baseball? What does this say about the state of humanity that we would rather see a monster homerun by a cheater than the integrity of the “American pastime” restored by not giving Bonds an ounce of additional glory. Call it a career Barry and stop embarrassing the game of baseball any more.

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