Personal Website Refresh

While consolidating all of my work and personal web projects for my work with VAUX digital, I realized that I have grossly neglected my personal website and blog here at My last blog post, a post about having not blogged for the 3 prior years, was posted in 2013. Effectively, I hadn’t contributed anything […]

Back at it

It was almost 3 years ago (August of 2010) that I last wrote here.  It was an article about how, despite not writing much, I needed to – to express much of the random thoughts, opinions, & musings constantly streaming through my mind.  It’s ironic that after writing such an article, I failed to write […]

Why I haven’t been writing, but need to NOW.

I am an external processor.  I need to get my thoughts outside of my head and heart to be able to, with any sense of accuracy, decipher them.  For my entire life, I’ve used the generous ears of others to intellectually and emotionally wrestle with myself. With this incessant, outloud-thinking, I’ve burned a bridge or […]

a conversation

I’ve recently been in a conversation with a friend about the possibility of expanding the “brand of communitas” (his words, not mine) to a larger circle of folks in the Phoenix area.  While I’ve back and forth about how I feel about this conversation, my biggest fear has remained that I don’t want to get […]

Harmony + Health Acupuncture: Website

Harmony and Health Acupuncture is a new acupuncture clinic in Central Phoenix where the ancient art of Traditional Chinese Medicine  is combined with modern medical science to treat a broad range of conditions. Owner Ann Rea consulted MethodLab Media to design a website for her new business that was clean, modern, and pleasing to the […]

Callaway Collegiate Match Play Championship

The Collegiate Match Play Championship is an annual tournament organized by our client, The Golf Coaches Association of America. The Golf Coaches Association of America (GCAA) is a professional association representing collegiate men’s golf coaches and their student-athletes throughout the country.  Established in 1958, this non-profit organization of more than 700 members is dedicated to […]

ReWire: Marketing Brochure

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ReWire is a new initiative of Church Resource Ministries that works with existing church leaders to help them better engage the culture around them.  They wanted a look that represented their interest in urban environments and the messy reality of our world, yet would still resonate with leaders in local church contexts. We designed an […]

What is Taco Day?

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The tweets are circulating, the facebook event page is up, and the website is online. Taco Day 5 is nearly upon on us. Taco Day is a 12-hr taco party where you bring something to drink, some money for charity, and you eat free tacos, this much is clear.  But what’s isn’t always clear for […]

a creative week

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As the new year rolled around, I made a commitment to better document aspects of my life, not because I’m arrogant enough that think that my life is all that interesting, but because I want to intentionally leave behind a trail of my existence that gives my kids (and their kids) a narrative and understanding […]

Dwelling in the Cracks; Filling the voids

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After two years of life & work in downtown Phoenix, there is so real momentum behind communitasPHX. We’ve built a great deal of social capital & relational credibility, and our initiatives and events we’ve hosted have been well received by downtown dwellers. Now, with the opening of fractal, an art, music, & workspace in the […] - © 2022 - All Rights Reserved  |  site by VAUX digital