Blogging rant

blog-hat.jpgI like blogs.  There are times when I even love blogs.  There are even more times when I hate them.  Recently I find myself frustrated with some blog practices of blogs I follow.  So here I rant…

If you blog, please don't…

censor or moderate your comments (unless it's spam of course) – this destroys the integrity of the conversation messy as it may be

don't send out an email to everyone letting them know you've just blogged (if we care, we'll find it)

try to be someone you're not or try to post for statistics (be yourself and write about what you are thinking/feeling, not what you think others expect you to write about)

That's all – complaining over.

oops…thought of one more (this one's directed to commenters):

Please don't comment anonymously – if you're that concerned about offending someone with your comment, don't post it.  


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