My New Year’s Resolution: To be more conscious of the legacy I’m leaving behind

swimming I am not a huge fan of New Year’s Resolutions.  Behind the optimism of a resolution is the reality that it will most likely be kept.  The cynic in me believes that the very act of defining a commitment as a “New Year’s Resolution” deem it to be a failure.

Nevertheless, I do love the freshness a new year brings and find myself naturally looking into the new year with a certain hopefulness that this time around I will be or do something I’ve been longing to, but as of yet haven’t.  The list of things I want to do, be, or accomplish in 2010 are numerous and while i won’t list them here, I do want to define a singular New Year’s Resolution for 2010.

I want to be more conscious of the legacy I’m leaving behind.

I am much less concerned about what I accomplish in this life than how I will be known once it’s over.  Every day I spend looking into the eyes of my children make me painfully aware that they are destined to take on the various traits, perspectives, and characteristics I model for them.  Besides my kids, I realize that with my existence, I am able to make a mark on this planet and I desperately hope that my mark is a positive one.

With “legacy” on my mind, I realize that technology has made available an infinite amount of ways in which to document our thoughts, memories, experiences, opinions, and even our personality. I want to recognize the value of these resources to leave behind a legacy for my kids.

So in 2010, I want to make an effort to document the projects I am a part of, the ideas, thoughts , & conversations that someone might find value in, and leave a trail that will allow my great-great grandaughter to know what life was like in my shoes in this time and in this place.

*On a side note: of all the reasons to use twitter regularly, the most convincing reason (in my opinion) is the logging of thought and activity that will be able to be accessed by my family for generations to come.

Taco Day 4 will be livecast on the web

For those of you who don’t live in Phoenix, but want to celebrate Taco Day with us, will be live streaming the event all day on Saturday including some special looks into Taco Day and interviews with guests at every 2 hours starting at 10am. The live stream is also a great way see what’s going on before you head over or after you leave.

Until Saturday, the channel will loop previous Taco Day videos for your TacoDay preparation. We’ll see you at TacoDay4!


griefI’ve discovered that there is an emotional experience I feel from time to time. One in which I lose myself to an introspective and analytical spirit. Until now, I didn’t know it’s root or cause. It is a feeling I’ve known before, one in which I find some odd comfort in.

It is grief.

As dimensions of my false self crumble, I am left to deal with their death. The death of a dream, the death of a belief; today it is the death of control.

I am overwhelmed by the loss of my ability to control the whole of my life. As long as I live in community with others, I now recognize that I do not have the final say in how my story unfolds.

I must discover and come to terms with a new understanding of control. This is the grief I am experiencing.

Soccer season has begun

Kelli and I are rather proud of our eldest child who’s recenty started his very first soccer season.  He’s lovng it and doing pretty well considering he’s one of the littlest guys out there. We’ve uploaded some pictures of his first game and I am sure we’ll have more after Game #2 tomorrow morning.

P.S. – Kellen, if you google yourself at some point in the future and come across this post, I am sorry for the short genes I passed on to you.  I could only pass on what was given to me.  Luckily for you though, my genes were stacked in the good looks and big muscles department 🙂 - © 2022 - All Rights Reserved  |  site by VAUX digital