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Jimmy Eat World – Chase this Light:

jewpreorder.jpg Jimmy Eat World's new album "Chase this Light" is available for pre-order in itunes this week – it release on Oct. 16th. I had the chance to hear some of the tracks off the album and I am really excited for it's release.  The album is full of tracks that both remind of previous albums as well as peek into some new dimensions for the band.  A couple of the tracks have a dance vibe – which sound really good mixed in with the typical JEW tracks we've come to expect. If you live in the PHX area, go see these guys at Edgefest for me since I will be out of town and bumming :(.

Pre-order "Chase this Light" on itunes 



folionow.jpgMy good friend David Mulhern recently launched FolioNow – an tool to help users build effortless websites.  FolioNow looks great and is super-simple to pick up and allows you to publish websites quick and easily.  It's especially great for artists who are looking for a online portfolio tool that will allow them to publish their work for the world to see and to do it in a way that's easy for anyone to do and that looks as good as their art.  Hop over to FolioNow and check it out. You can even sign up to try it out risk-free.

Check out my MethodLab Media FolioNow to see it in action 

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