Coronado Community Gardens

| Zack Newsome | | 3 Comments

Living in intention demands that we work hard to determine our convictions (that which shapes and defines who we are becoming) and then arrange the actions of our lives around the pursuit of these convictions.

As our family has done this, more than a few convictions have emerged that form a framework in which we hope defines our future. For more detail on the major convictions we live by, see our way of life. In a pursuit of an intentional life, we’ve been dreaming of starting a community garden on our street.  Community gardens are a great way to understand where our food comes from, to share in something with others in our neighborhood, and a way to beautify our neighborhoods in the process. All good stuff.

A few weeks ago, we got a call from a friend who works in the neighborhood that some neighbors were interested in starting a community garden. So I went to the initial meeting last Saturday and Kelli and I are planning on attending a site analysis and permaculture workshop at the garden this Saturday. Our role on the planning committee is to help with community outreach – specifically to get a wider demographic to participate in the garden than typically does in neighborhood functions.  We’re excited – especially since we no longer have to do the “creating” and can join others in our neighborhood.  I’ll keep you posted here on the progress.

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