dirt:exploring the boundaries that separate us

dirtweb.jpgWe're exploring concepts of dirt this weekend at Symbol. We all have our own ideas of what/who is "dirty" and what/who is "clean" and we begin to create boundaries that separate that which is clean (we like to think we fit in the category)from that which is clean.  The interesting thing is that while these boundaries were common in Jesus time, he seems to cross these boundaries consistently.  He touched the untouchable, he spoke with the unspeakable, he broke cultural taboos, and challenged dirt boundaries at every turn.

This is not an easy subject and Saturday will include both a time to become aware of these boundaries we've created and a time of confession.  And as usual….there will be some time to wrestle and process with it all collectively in dialogue.

If this interests you, you are welcome to join in.  You'll find the details on the Symbol Communities site.  If you decide to "get dirty" with us, we'll see you there.

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