Earth Day/Week

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It seems as though I am constantly playing catch up recently, feeling days and even weeks behind.  This past Sunday (April 22nd) was Earth Day.  Despite my first intentional of the important day celebration last year, this year's Earth Day came and went before I even realized the date.  Kelli was out of town and I was doing the "Mister Mom" thing in the days leading up to Earth Day – so give me some slack.  So I've decided that instead of simply calling it a loss and waiting for next year, I am going to this whole week as "Earth Week".  I am really curious of what changes I might consider making if I intentionally thought of living as green as possible for a week.  How might it change my habits?  I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE: got some new house keys cut so I don't have to enter/exit the garage when I leave/come home, rode the bus into downtown this morning (something that I have wanted to do for a long time, but just never have)

UPDATE: Riding the bus has been a pleasant surprise.  It only prolongs the journey a few more minutes.  It forces me to walk from house to stop/stop to location and then back.  And the best of all, the journey is filled with silent and restful sitting/waiting.  I can read, pray, plan, think, observe, and converse without having to worry about driving. I am study the routes and to find additional ways to add the bus into my routine.

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