Flying with the RHCP

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Yesterday, after almost missing my flight back to Phoenix, I boarded the plane and found a seat in the next to last row. After getting settled I noticed the guy across the row from me looked familiar. Within minutes he was involved in a conversation with the guy directly in front of me. Doing my own thing, I couldn’t help but hear words that interested me about “tracks”, “that Rick liked them” and “that Warner wasn’t going to be a problem”. I looked up to see Anthony Kiedis (the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers) in the seat in front of me and Chad Smith (the drummer for the band) sitting across the aisle. Not wanting to invade their space and right to have a peaceful and normal flight, I said few words, mainly to encourage their artistic offerings and discover what they were headed to Phoenix to do.

As the flight went on, others on the flight realized who shared this experience with them and began to stare out of the corner of their eyes at the two musicians. What a trippy thing it must be to live life feeling a multitude of eye corners on your every move.

It was fun and a bit crazy to have Anthony Kiedis serenade your landing with Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t she lovely” I pinched myself a few times on that plane to make sure I wasn’t dreaming

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