“get involved” page is online

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Throughout the month of September, we’ve been working on some ideas to invite those from the larger downtown community into the various communities and initiatives we’re creating.  What we decided on was to design and print cards that we’d place in art galleries, boutiques, coffee shops, and restaurants around downtown in hopes of exposing our efforts to a wider audience.

In keeping with our beliefs that those with and without faith are drawn to the ideals of spirituality, community, justice, and creativity, our card design was meant to provoke curiosity and spark interest leading those in our community to discover our movement in more depth. Se the card here.

To get these cards out in the community, we’ve needed to develop our website a bit more so that as people came to communitasphx.org to find out how to get involved, they would find a listing of the various initiatives we’re launching and could get involved in one that interests them. As of today – the website’s ready so the cards will go out in the community this weekend.  Wish us luck!

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