It is beautiful down here

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Kelli and I are having a great time down here in Mexico. We met some good friends of ours down here and it's great to catch up.  We are in the most beautiful part of Puerto Vallarta – old towne.  Cobblestone streets, very European-feeling shops lining the streets, the sound of the ocean around every corner.  I will have some pictures soon.

 Wny most of the time do we have to get so far away to remember to "slow down".  Yesterday we laughed at ourselves when we got frustrated at our waiter for taking so long with the food.  We were literally sitting in the sand 15 feet from the waves waiting for tacos and shrimp.  The waiter had already brought the Coronas and Pacificos.  Why were we so ansy, so impatient?  I am convinced it's because we are Americans, it's in our blood.

So from here on out I am going to try to forget how to be an American and re-learn the Mexican way of life – where people seem to be far more important than time.

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