Laundry Love Project is coming to PHX


Some of us are launching a new Laundry Love Project next week in Downtown Phoenix.  Laundry Love Projects are where a group of us armed with quarters and lots of detergent invade a local laundromat to be a blessing to the working poor and those living on the streets in our city.  For most of us, having clean clothes is something we take for granted, but for many, clean clothes is a luxury that isn't always possible.  In launching this LLP, we hope to 1.) send a message that we value the people we meet, 2.) be a blessing to them, and 3.) to learn from their experience, their story, and the relationships that develop.

If you're interested in coming to the laundromat, popping quarters in machines, and loving and listening to those involved, email me to join us. 

ALSO: if you can't make it, but would be willing to give to the cost of putting this on monthly (quarters for machines and lots of laundry detergent), we'd love the help! 

 For more info about LLP and the non-profit behind it, visit www.just4one.org.

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