Lent: a rookie attempt

lent.jpgI, along with many symbol folks, are participating in lent this year for the first time. We have come to love the idea of lent being a seasonal rhythm preparing us for Easter.  For those of us from protestant backgrounds, we've talked about how this is new and unfamiliar territory for us.  But we're excited.  At our "40" gathering last night we shared some of thoughts of what we're planning on doing/giving up this lenten season.  There was a lot of talk of slowing down, creating space for rest, and to be more mindful of our busyness. Personally, I am doing a couple of things: 1.) giving up caffeine 2.) creating intentional space to "create" (write, draw, photography, design, etc.) each day of lent.  I will let you know how it goes.

UPDATE (2/27): I have been wrecked the past week with nagging headaches that grow as the day wears on.  Caffeine withdrawal no doubt.  The good news is that the creativity part is coming more naturally than expected.  Just about every day I find myself discovering space to create without even trying. Encouraging.

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