Lent: early observations

Today is the second day of Lent and the second day of my exploration of “giving up myself” for Lent.  I should note here that from the get-go I acknowledge that there are some inconsistencies in this whole effort:

  1. I have (unsuccessfully) asked others to consider joining me in this.  The very asking insinuates that others should join ME in what I think is a good idea.
  2. Blogging here about it assumes that anyone is interested in ME and MY explorations into this and that MY voice has a value.

I’ve wrestled with these contradictions as I’ve ventured into this.  It’s clear even from the start how difficult it really is to rid myself of “self”.  But what makes this concept interesting to me is not that I would be completely and totally selfless for 40days, but that it would be an exercise in awareness of the spaces, postures, and actions of my life that are consumed with the thought of ME.  And the hope is that I would be enabled to live differently as a result.

As for the documentation of the journey here, I do it to record the thoughts, observations, and learnings along the road. If readers (does anyone actually read this anyway?) find something helpful or interesting, great. If not, my journey through it won’t be diminished.

So I’d ask you to wish me luck, but that would yet be another example of self-interest.  Ahhhhh……this is going to be interesting. 🙂

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