My Online Life

I am a fan of the creativity being employed across the internet in recent years.  Web 2.0 has taken over and a long list of free resources have popped on the scene – some useful to connect with friends online (aim, facebook, myspace, twitter linkedin) others useful for storing online media (flickr, youtube), and others simply to give those interested a glimpse into who you are (dopplr, shelfari, Last.fm, technorati, del.ic.ious).  Sure these tools can suck up your time and distract you from the work that the "man" needs from you, but if used well, can open up dimensions of relationships and connectivity with those in new circles.

In an attempt to keep links to these tools I subscribe to in one place, I've added a new "my life online" section to the blog. If you've got some free time – check them out.  If you have accounts on any of the sites, connect with me.  If you don't, but like what you see – set up an account for yourself and connect with me.

Here's a quick rundown of each icon and what service/site it links to:

AIM/iChat (AIM/iChat) instant messaging. I am online often – so look me up.
Twitter(Twitter) micro-blogging tool that allows you to send short updates of what you're doing
Facebook (Facebook) social-networking site that has quickly become the "it" way to connect online
MySpace (MySpace) social networking site that used to be the "it" way to connect online
Last.fm (Last.fm) tracks the music you listen to and creates an personal online radio station for you
YouTube (YouTube) allows you to store and share videos online
del.icio.us (Del.ic.ious) a place to store and share all your bookmarks
Flickr (Flickr) a place to store and share photos
LinkedIn (Linkedin) a social networking site focused on business connections
Skype (Skype) a free way to make phone calls to friends around the world
Technorati (Technorati) a search engine for blogs and blog posts
Doppler (Dopplr) a list of past and future trips I've taken
Shelfari (Shelfari) an online bookshelf that keeps track of what I've read, am reading, and plan on reading

See you online.

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