my wife and my 30th birthday

 I realized today that I don't brag about my wife nearly enough on my blog.  She continues to impress, amaze, and awe me after 8yrs of marriage.  She's been especially good lately.  Here's a quick idea of what she did for my birthday:

On my birthday:

– A book I'd wanted called "Phoenix:Then and Now" – a book of old pictures of Phoenix, mainly the downtown area we now live in.

– A bottle of Chimay, my favorite beer made by Belgian monks. I don't get it very often.

– A bottle of 16yr Bushmills Irish Whiskey. We toured the Bushmills distillery while in Northern Ireland last year and I've kicked myself since for not buying a bottle while there


Then….as a surprise the following Friday:

– I find a note on my desk telling me to meet her in the hotel lobby bar of a really hip boutique hotel in Phoenix.

– She had sent the kids to Grandma's and gotten us a night at the hotel.

– We had dinner and drinks, and enjoyed the awesome hotel pool – then slept in, had breakfast, and took our time picking up the kids.


It all was very special, extremely romantic, and meant a ton to me!

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