Prayers for Justice

During our most recent collective, both as an excercise in creativity and as an exploration of God’s heart for Justice, we wrote down some thoughts and prayers.  Here’s a sample of what we came up with:

Justice is not about punishing the wrongs, it’s about embodying the good and true life.

We live in troubled times.  The economy hits close to home.  Friends, family, neighbors; anxiety is everywhere, but also Hope.

We are not judged by the events of our past, rather by the faith in and direction of our future.

As we live in a world of labels, make us people who live without regard to our differences.  May we live with compassion to all we encounter, both those who know they have need AND those who don’t. Make us people who are aware, who aren’t distracted by the notion of ourselves. Show us the differences between what we need and what we want – and help us live simply in result. Let us live on less before we’re forced to and when we are forced to, let us remember that we are not alone.

As I reflect on this exercise and it’s result, I am challenged by the paradox discovered in the simplicity of the language and the complexity of actually living in these ways.  As always we’ll do our best as a people, extending much grace to each other along the journey.

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