@ Soliton in Northern Ireland

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Kelli and I are taking part in the Celtic Soliton Sessions in Northern Ireland along with Andrew Jones, Jonny Baker, Pete Rollins, Ian Mobsby, Si Johnston, Gareth Higgins, Kester Brewin, and others. Thought provoking sessions so far as we move tonight to the North Coast for the residential portion of the weekend.

Some highlights so far:

– Having a pint with Pete Rollins talking about community and the "trickster" role of Ikon in Belfast. (picture coming soon).

– Meeting Ian Mobsby who leads a community called Moot in London.

 – Being exposed to the division, the hate, and the prejudice that has been such a part of Northern Ireland's history and how it affects the church here.

We anticipate that there is much more to come.

Here are some pictures we have taken so far 

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