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Making beer as a creative endeavor

I am convinced that everyone is creative and I’m a big advocate for all to discover (or re-discover) the ways in which creativity is best expressed in their lives. For many who aren’t painters, musicians, writers, or sculptors, it is assumed that they are un-creative and give up exploring and nurturing the imaginative part of themselves. As a part of what I do, I design websites and print materials, which is inherently creative. But I’ve been exploring some more practical and historically creative endeavors – mainly beer-making. For the past year, I’ve been learning to make beer in my basement. It’s a lot of fun, really interesting (there’s a lot of science involved), and the end product tastes great! This is sure to become a big hobby as we’ve already pulled off an epic homebrew party and I’m even contemplating starting a homebrew blog at some point to help others interested in getting started. We’re also taking sign-ups for friends to sit-in on our next brew session to observe how it easy it is. Leave a comment if you’re interested in being a part of it.

Here’s a short video of my latest batch of Cream Ale (best beer and people’s choice award winner) fermenting in the basement brewery:

Fermenting Cream Ale from Zack Newsome on Vimeo.

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