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Books I am reading



I just posted some initial thoughts about a book I am reading called, The Complex Christ by Kester Brewin over at The Revolutionary Life. In hopes of creating some conversation and to give some exposure to good books, I am going to try to post a bit more about what I am currently reading.  I plan on posting mostly at The Revolutionary Life since most of the books I read are centered around the focus of that space – community/faith/creativity/justice.  The books that don't fall neatly into the definition of the revolutionarylife will find space here.

BTW: If you want to discover some reviews of some good books, fellow blogger and friend, John Chandler seems to do a pretty good job of posting book reviews often.

It is beautiful down here

Kelli and I are having a great time down here in Mexico. We met some good friends of ours down here and it's great to catch up.  We are in the most beautiful part of Puerto Vallarta – old towne.  Cobblestone streets, very European-feeling shops lining the streets, the sound of the ocean around every corner.  I will have some pictures soon.

 Wny most of the time do we have to get so far away to remember to "slow down".  Yesterday we laughed at ourselves when we got frustrated at our waiter for taking so long with the food.  We were literally sitting in the sand 15 feet from the waves waiting for tacos and shrimp.  The waiter had already brought the Coronas and Pacificos.  Why were we so ansy, so impatient?  I am convinced it's because we are Americans, it's in our blood.

So from here on out I am going to try to forget how to be an American and re-learn the Mexican way of life – where people seem to be far more important than time.

6 years and counting

Today is Kelli and I's anniversary.  Today marks six-years of perfect marital bliss – haha.  Today marks six-years of two hopeless people finding love and life together sharing the good and the bad of the journey together.  I love you baby – and thanks for all you do and all you are.

Network theory and it’s implications for the church

Untitled-1-1Thanks to Andrew Jones at TallSkinnyKiwi I ran across a presentation Steve Collins recently gave about Network Theory. While this presentation is a bit over my head and would make a ton more sense if I could experience the material via discussion rather than on a computer screen, it is immensely thought provoking. Understanding the implications of network theory on the development of missional communities here in the states could be priceless, especially as we consider launching The Communitas Collective here in Phoenix.

my Father’s Day present


my MovieSacThis father's day Kelli and the kids got me a "lovesac". According to the LoveSac website, "LoveSac is all about hangin’ out. Come together with your friends and family. LoveSac is always the center of good times." It's a giant bean bag (but bigger and better). Kelli has always wanted one, I have always wanted to fall asleep in one, and our local LoveSac store was having a sale. So we broke down and got one for my office – a reading chair. It's the two-person edition (the MovieSac) and far from the "the BigOne" (which comfortably seats a family of five!)

Anyway, here's to catching up on my reading and sneaking a nap on my new LoveSac.

Today is Taco Day!



Taco Day has begun – the drinks are in the cooler, the decorations are up, the first taco has been eaten, and there is money in the pot for the East Valley Men's Center already. Today is going to be a good day (except for the 110 degree heat!).

If you are in the Phoenix area and looking for a place to cool off and to grab some free food – we love to have you join us. Or come by tonight and watch the suns game with us.

Click here for a map to our place – we're here until 10pm.

A Quote

"If you want to build a ship, dont drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea." Antione de Saint Exupery

Bono LIVE from Africa – Tonight!


NBC Nightly News is broadcasting live tonight from Africa. If you are involved in the efforts of the ONE campaign or are aware of Bono's efforts to fight global poverty and AIDS – you should check this out. I am tivoing it – so if you miss it – we can have a replay party at my house. (or I can burn you a DVD of the broadcast).

Here is the writeup from the ONE campaign website on the broadcast:

"Tuesday evening, May 23rd, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams will broadcast live from Africa for the first time ever. Please join us as we help Bono focus the world's attention on stories of hope and inspiration from Africa. Invite your friends, family, and neighbors to come together and learn more about ONE, global poverty and AIDS, and how we can all make a difference."

You can find out more here. Thanks to my buddy Mike for bringing this event to my attention.

A New Cell Phone

For the past few months, I have been dreaming of getting a bluetooth enabled cell phone to connect with my bluetooth palm tx and to step into the future of connectibilty (all my devices are connected via bluetooth?Ǭ† – laptop, palm, cell phone, and a bluetooth headset.)?Ǭ† The problem of my search was that I am in the middle of a cingular 2-yr plan and these types of phones aren’t cheap.?Ǭ† Well…I have been saving up my Starbucks tips and I counted them last week – $475 worth of rolls of quarters and $1 bills.?Ǭ† Yesterday the fam and I went to Fry’s electronics and I discovered this motorola slvr cell phone for $150.?Ǭ† So I grabbed it, took it to the front counter and was told that it was typo and it really was $250.?Ǭ† I was bummed, but then excited once again?Ǭ† when they told me that they would honor the price on the rack for me.?Ǭ† So I got this great little phone for $150 .?Ǭ† And so far – I love it.?Ǭ† It has itunesd built into it, so it basically is a cell phone and an ipod in one device.?Ǭ† It’s pretty slick looking, ultra-thin, well designed and links with everything bluetooth I got.?Ǭ† No more manually tranferring all of my phonebook numbers from my old phone to my new one – just synced it with my powerbook.?Ǭ† The camera is decent and so far I likke everything about this phone – except for the fact that I can’t listen to itunes through my bluetooth headset.?Ǭ† Oh well.


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