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Mustache for Kids update

It’s hard to believe that I only have 9 more days to host this ridiculous “upper lip plumage” on my face.  It a little more than a week (Thursday, Dec. 18) the “Mustaches for Kids” charity event will be over and I will trade the ‘stache for a little full-facial scruff.  Ah…. it will be nice for the universe to be balanced again 🙂

My anticipation of no-longer being assumed as a policeman or a child-molester aside, there is still some time left for you to help get some money into teacher’s hands who need it.  On my page at donorschoose.org, I’ve picked some new projects.  We had one project fully funded already and this time around I asked my resident teacher, my wife Kelli, to pick the projects she thought we especially important to fund.

So far, a few of you have pitched in to raise a total of $150.  I’d love to at least double that and maybe even  deem another project “fully funded”. So stop waiting and let’s make it happen.

And some people have been thinking to hard about why we grow mustaches and how the mustaches relate to kids.  You’re thinking too hard about this people. #1 – growing a mustache on my face makes me justify it with a good reason.  Hence I can saw in public when I get a judgemental look, “hey….it’s for charity.” So think of the mustache as motivation for me to get others like you to check out some worthy classroom projects and help fund them. #2 – the mustache is a gimmick to get your attention and to get you to consider helping with a great cause.  Is it working?

Thanks for your help!

Pick a project and Donate here!

Soccer season has begun

Kelli and I are rather proud of our eldest child who’s recenty started his very first soccer season.  He’s lovng it and doing pretty well considering he’s one of the littlest guys out there. We’ve uploaded some pictures of his first game and I am sure we’ll have more after Game #2 tomorrow morning.

P.S. – Kellen, if you google yourself at some point in the future and come across this post, I am sorry for the short genes I passed on to you.  I could only pass on what was given to me.  Luckily for you though, my genes were stacked in the good looks and big muscles department 🙂

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