the romance that isn’t

| Zack Newsome | | 1 Comment

As valentine’s day has approached, my excitement has grown at doing something special for Kelli. I will admit this is unusual for me – I am a typical guy. I employed the methods of romantic creativity to woo my wife, but once she was indeed mine, I forgot what romance was. Until recently. Sure, I’ve bought her flowers, planned special dates, done corny romantic things along the journey that is our marriage, but I was far from the romancer I once was. The problem is…I want to be considered a romantic. I don’t want my wife to smile, affirmatively nod, and think of me when she watches the sterotypical husband on tv miss an opportunity for a romantic interlude with his wife. I know that it honors my wife, it makes her smile to be swept off her feet again and again by romactic action. It’s been fun to romantic again. Even giddy romantic again. Secret surprises, complex plans, nights away, writen notes, and lots of anticipation. It’s been fun. The reward? – the message it will send once again to my best friend. I love you – I mean really love you in not just the “three quick words” to smooth things over way.

I want to be a romantic – and not just with my wife. I want to look at the heavens and become giddy as I anticipate the time I will spend in God’s presence later. I want to be affected at the very core when I think about the love between us. I want to be unapologetic in my pursuit – not matter how foolish or abnormal it may look to the world around me. I want to be a romantic.

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