The Secret Message of Jesus

secretmessage.jpgI acknowledge that the blogging here has been pathetic lately.  I have been busy and conflicted with the realities of both dreaming and exploring various Kingdom projects and paying the bills – two things which are two very different aspects of life at the moment.

Anyway, to alleviate my guilt, I will continue to post small nuggets of wisdom that have been affecting me from books I am reading.  These are far short from reviews, but if you're anything like me, the simplicity of a few brilliant words alone in a post (or alone on a page) can be as affecting as the entire work itself.  I will try to post such brilliance I run across.

I recently started "The Secret Message of Jesus" by Brian MacLaren, a book that has sat on my shelf since it's release last year. I finally am finding time to pour through it.  Here's a bit I want to share here from Chapter 6: The Medium of the Message.

Human kingdoms advance by force and violence with falling bombs and flying bullets, but God's kingdom advances by stories, fictions, tales that are easily ignored and easily misunderstood.  Perhaps that's the only way it can be. 

Reading these words, I am reminded of Kester's call to "evolutionary" change as opposed to "revolutionary" change in the church from Signs of Emergence.  And I am rebuked as I think of how often I get frustrated as those around me don't seem to get the idea(s) of the Kingdom. For indeed it is radically different.

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