The Space

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Forgive my soppy reflectiveness, but this morning I have been sitting in “my place”. You have one too. That spot that you’ve claimed. Where you do your best thinking. Where the creater seems a bit nearer and the result is a creative you previously failed to discover. Where beauty overflow and curiousity beckons your exploration. I believe that we all have a place like this in the world. Mine is a second-floor cafe in ventura with great coffee, an ivy-lined courtyard, and an eternal ocean-breeze that effortlessly and gently fills the space. The free wireless internet is what originally drew me here, but I have discovered that it is my place. Over the two years, some of my best spoken messages, organization vision, and missional thinking has been birthed here. Today, on my last day in Ventura, I am here alone. Alone to think and to ponder, and to unpack, to dream, and to cry a bit. To hurt and to heal. And maybe unfortunately for you, to write.

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