Tomorrow night @ Symbol

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The Symbol Communities

Tomorrow night (9/22) is turning out to be a big one for those of us who have found place within the Symbol Communities.  Symbol is going public tomorrow night.  We've always been inclusive, but also always met in homes, which we've realized, communicates something other than inclusion to the outsider.  So we've rented space in an art gallery in Downtown Mesa. If you'd like to participate, you can find the details at the Symbol website.

It's also big because it symbolizes our stepping into the middle of the city to rub shoulders with the "dirty".  It also initiates a new public responsibility to actually be the people we've talked of for 9 months – people who live, act, & speak as symbols of the king and his kingdom. We longed for this for a while.  Our hope and prayer is that we are up to the task. Our biggest fear – that we'll screw it up only to become yet another church focused more on ourselves than those all around who wish to meet the King.

Pray for us. 

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