Too Busy not to Blog

| Zack Newsome | | 1 Comment

This is a discussion that continues to emerge from conversations with those I share life with. Here’s how it goes:

Zack – I’ve noticed you haven’t posted on your blog for a while.

Friend – I have a blog, but I can’t find the time in my life to actually use it consistently.

My response – Make the time.

Friend – Easy for you to say – you have no job right now and have plenty of free time.

My response (humbly) – That’s true, but I still think that no matter how busy we get, it’s imperative for the health of our souls to wrestle with the myriad of truth that we encounter each new day we walk in the way of Jesus. We have to carve out time to be alonewith our thoughts and our heartbeats and be reminded of what it beats for and what it hurts over. It’s just too important in my opinion.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not about blogging. It’s about doing whatever you personally do to best connect with and process your innermost thoughts, creativity, passions, fears, doubts, and convictions. For me I do that best through blogging. For you it might be walking alone in the morning, strolling on the sidewalk, journaling, painting, praying, sipping a glass of red wine in the quiet of your house late at night or smoking a stogie on the back patio.

Whatever it is, don’t let busyness rob you of your soul. Realize that by nurturing the creative, contemplative, reflective, introspective, and innovative self you are more alive.

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