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There are a number of us here in the Phoenix area who are together exploring the tradition of Advent this holiday season. Most of us, while people of faith, have little experience in the holy seasons. Our goal is to dig deeper into the spiritual side of Christmas while steering clear of the rut of meaningless tradition. In a sense we are on a much-traveled journey, but are committed to forging our own path. If you're interested in participating you'll find some details here. Or email me at znewsome@mac.com.


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  1. Good stuff, Zack. Tara and I (along with others from our “group” are going to try to be there… looking forward to it.

    Posted by BamReply
  2. Thank you for a wonderful, worshipful experience. I haven’t had that in a while. It immediately reminded me of how the early church must have met- we’ve been looking for something like this for a while. If the point was to get us thinking about Christ during this time, I think you guys hit the mark. Hey by the way, where was that painting in the front room from? I haven’t stared at art for that long in a while either…..very cool.

    Posted by JacobReply
  3. Thanks for the feedback Jacob. I am glad it was helpful and refreshing. It was great meeting you and your family. Here’s to the future – Cheers.

    Posted by ZackReply
  4. And the artwork?

    Posted by JacobReply
  5. Jamie Mulhern (she was the one who did the started the service off) was responsible for the art – very cool huh? Jamie and I are working on launching an alternative arts venue in the East Valley (most likely in downtown Mesa) so there should be plenty more artwork like that soon.

    Posted by ZackReply
  6. ooo–talk about pressure.

    Posted by jamieReply
  7. not necessarily pressure you should feel. Hopefully we’ll get some other artists involved. 🙂

    Posted by ZackReply

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