An Open Letter

To all those that God has given me opportunity to have influence with,

I am sorry. It humbles me to think that something about my existence has somehow made a difference in your life. What I am sorry for is the “crap” you’ve undoubtably picked up for being near my life along the way. I am sorry for the unbiblical philosophies that would frustrate Jesus himself. I am sorry for the comments that should have been held captive within myself. I am sorry for vocalizing my frustration when we had no need to hear my hurts. I am sorry for the instances of arrogance or childish competition that I have so elegantly been possessed with. I am sorry for all the challenges I gave without fully thinking them through. I am sorry for the hypocisy that is inevitably apparent. I am sorry for extreme humanity that I often exist with, forgetting the Spirit of God that dwells within me. I am sorry for being a know-it-all. I am sorry for living as if I can be the “messiah” in your life – that I can fix your hurts and concerns when only Jesus can. I am sorry for not more often remembering God’s work in the big picture of everyday life. I am sorry for devalueing the very real experiences you have had with your Creator because my shallow-view of God wouldn’t allow me to validate the experience. I am sorry for arguing with you for no good reason. I am sorry for being me.

But I also am glad that you get “me”. Good or bad – that’s what I’ve always given you. The flawed, the struggler, the shallow, the weak, the forgetful, the arogant, the prideful, the wrong, the anti-model, the anti-hero. Thanks for not holding the rest of the junk against me. Thanks for living life with me and letting me live life with you. Thanks for your grace, your love, and your acceptance. I hope that I in some way can challenge your life to godliness as much as you with knowing challenge mine. I think that how God meant it to be.

I love you all,


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