Anxiety and God

This morning I was reading 1 Peter 4 and I ran across a simple verse that really caught my attention. After Peter declares to his audience in verse 1 that, “if you are willing to suffer for Christ, you have decided to stop sinning.” He goes on to write, “And you won’t spend the rest of your life chasing after evil desires, but you will anxious to do the will of God.” The word that catches my attention is “anxious” and the question that has been running through my head is, “What am I anxious for in my life?” Comfort? Success? Attention? Approval of others? These are the things that I think I am anxious for most often. but God’s will? I think my anxiety for God purposes and my role is those pruposes are growing on my priority list. It seems as though God is taking me somewhere new in this dilemma of life anxiety. I am starting to feel it – everything is of fading importance except for God’s plan fof the world. My comfort is worthless if it means I miss the role I was created to play in God’s story. Success is stupid when you begin to question our human view of success and begin to compare ot to the biblical measures of success: love, faith, and servanthood, etc. Attention is overrated. The more attention you get, the more expectations that are put on you by well-meaning, yet often very human sources. Same goes for approval. When we live for approval, our view of self goes down the toilet when we fail to get the approval of others. I am tired of playing that game. It a game where no one ever wins. So for me, that leaves only one anxiety left to pursue. Only one thing to capture the focus of my impatience – God’s will.

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