Communitas Network reLaunch

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logo.pngTomorrow night (Sept. 11) marks the relaunch of the Communitas Network. The Network is a collection of Phoenix-area leaders, dreamers, activists, artists, and cultural-creatives (this really means anybody who doesn't fit a previous label) centered around the future of the church, faith, mission, and justice. Tomorrow's event is shaping up to be a great one as many new voices from a wider mix of the Phoenix area are going to participate.  And it's taking place at one of the coolest spots in downtown PHX – the roosevelt. Communitas events are hosted conversations guided by some and shared in by others. This time around, the conversation's called – "The Gospel of Compassion: a conversation about the transformitive potential of compassionate response to the needs of the city." Long title, but good stuff.

If you are free and want to have a beer and change the world with us tomorrow night, find out more info at the links below:

Find out more about tomorrow night's event at the event page
More info about The Communitas Network

Be sure to register for the network to receive emails about future events. 

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