Earth Day 2006

Today (April 22nd) is Earth Day.?Ǭ† If you’re like me, this day is usually missed and forgotten before it happens.?Ǭ† But for some reason, it got on my radar this year.?Ǭ† I wanted to at least begin trying to be a bit more environmentally conscious, so I have been trying to figure out where to start on my journey toward environmental responsibility. I tried to convince some friends to rent a Prius for the day, but nobody seemed to like that idea.?Ǭ† I landed on at least becoming aware of the reality of my way of life by doing a survey found on the earth day network’s website.?Ǭ† The survey asks you a series of questions about your personal wastefulness and resource consumption, then tells you how many earths we would need if the entire human opoulation lived that way.?Ǭ† If everybody lived like Zack, we would need 6.4 earths.?Ǭ† Not too good.?Ǭ† See how many planets you would need here.

Happy Earth Day!

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