Not going to just talk anymore

My good friend Josh just left our house and my mind is racing.  Kelli, Josh, and I talked for the past few hours about life, faith, and how well the two are working together.  What came to my mind, as it has seemed to so many times recently, was how much we talk big of living differently, but in reality, we aren't that much different.  Blame part of it on the fact that we are as flawed and hopeless as any other human on this planet, and put the rest of the blame on us directly. We have gotten too busy, too comfortable, too lazy, too casual about this Jesus we claim to follow.  Something has to change.  Something has to be done.  Not just for the sake of doing, but for the sake of balance, for the sake of justice, and for the sake of integrity.  So here's where we're headed, a life lived centered around community, Christ, creativity, and compassion.  No other distractions, no other agendas – just figuring out how to live in these ways – community, Christ, creativity, and compassion. We'd love to share this life with others, learning from them along the road.  If you resonate with this simple, yet serious way of life, you're more than welcome to join us – the more the merrier.

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