Rocking the ‘Stache for kids

If you’ve seen me recently, you noticed a bit of a change in my appearance.  In full Tom Selleck-style, I am bringing back the moustache.  It’s not easy to brave the stares of horror and the supressed giggle of passerby’s, but this stache has a purpose.

This year a few of us in downtown PHX are growing moustaches for kids.   It’s really a simple gig, we humiliate ourselves with upper lip plummage that’s been out of style for decades and friends and family who feel our pain, join us in helping some local teachers fund vital projects for their classrooms. We are know that ensuring our nation’s children have access to a great education in key to our future, but we don’t often realize how difficult it is for teachers to get the funding for special projects that will deepen impact their kids. School budgets are tight and these tough economic times don’t make it any easier.  Those in high poverty districts are most notably affected by this shortage of funding.

But together we’re gonna help.  From now until Dec. 18th, I’ll rock my stache and I’ll ask you to join me in supporting a local classroom project via www.donorschoose.com.  Any amount is great and even a few dollars will go a long way towards getting some projects fully funded.  It’s easy to donate, so if you’re up to help, here’s how to do it:

  1. Click here to go to my “Growers Page” on www.donorschoose.org
  2. Browse the projects I’ve chosen (they’re local and in high-poverty areas) and choose the one that best resonates with you.
  3. Give via your credit card or with a check.

It’s simple and easy…..and it’s a really great cause. It only takes a few moments to get involved.  And be sure to check on the progress we’re making together on my Grower’s Page or on the widget on the right sidebar of this blog post.

BTW: I know ’tis the season for charities and for other people raising funds to hit you up.  Don’t think of this as another one of those.  I’m asking that you consider adding a couple bucks to the pot.  If we could get a good number of people to give $5-15 each then we could close these projects out and mark them as “funded”.

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