The Chaos that is Life

I love coming home for lunch when I can. My family isn’t there and while I would love that even more, I like the quiet. The house is still, silent. It’s relaxing to come home and be still for a few moments before jumping back onto the always moving train that is everyday life. Maybe what I love most when I come home is the chaos. Some months ago, Kellen offically entered his “wildman” stage (a stage I hope he never gorws out of – but don’t tell his mom I said that!). He is uncontainable. He chases the dogs without end. He gets into mom’s underwear drawer, puts his findings around his neck with pride and runs through the house screaming. He throws balls against mirrors. He roams the house with plungers, with brooms, or with a wiggles doll in tow. As of right now, there is harley in our living room, a wiggles couch in the middle of our family room, plastic animal magnets strewn across the kitchen floor, every conceivable type of ball in every conceivable floor location, and cheerio remants littering the rug. Add to that multiple baskets of clean laundry placed without any particular order throughout the house, some folded – other not so much, overflowing trash cans, dirty clothes forming a disater area that is our master bedroom, a kitchen table piled high with bills, junk mail, and gadgets that have no permanent home in our house. And that’s not even mentioning a yard that swallows ankles, a pool that is more yellow than blue, and a garage that will probably overflow with junk on the next unsuspecting door-opener. The crazy thing is – I love the chaos! To me it symbolizes that we live hard. We enjoy life. We are too busy living in fact to clean, to organize, and to pick-up. It makes me smile to remember how each toy got to its current location. I laugh out loud thinking about the wild exploits of my son. Life is certainly lived here – and hope that never changes. I would like some order and need to take some time catching up on all that needs to be done, but that’s what the wekend is for. Until then – there’s more adventure in store.

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