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I have been thinking a lot about my envoironmental responsibility and ecological footprint lately.  I wanted to pass on some of the concepts that have been challenging me.  Ignorance is bliss on these issues, but it's still ignorance 🙂

Bottled Water  –

My friend Justin posted this article months ago about the ecological effects and realities of bottled water production that got me started thinking on the subject.

Treehugger.com (I know it sounds cheesy, but it's a great site for ideas/products to live more green) posted this article on this church in Canada that  decided to boycott battled water for theological reasons.  Not sure I am ready to go as far as to make it a black and white theological issue to make water a commodity, but it challenging none the less.  And I appreciate their conviction (even if they are Canadian).

Kelli and I have decided to go "tap" instead and except for a recent case of "flavored water" (what in the hell is that all about anyway) that mysteriously appreared after our last trip to the grocery, we have been fine without the luxury of bottled water.

Air Conditioning –

In California, Kelli and I never used the AC in our house, we had it, but never needed it (I miss that beautiful place).  But here in Arizona, the story is a bit different.  120 degree summer days make it really hard to not bathe yourself in super-cool AC.  Kelli and I resist as much as possible and try to keep our AC set at 85 degrees as much as possible.  I will admit this is for financial reasons more than it is for environmental reasons, but I have been realizing that our thriftyness benefits the planet quite well.

Kester Brewin, a British teacher, author, and faith practicioner I recently met and respect a ton, recently wrote on his blog about the US's use of AC as a way of life.  You can find the article here.  It is interesting to hear a non-American's perspective on the American need for such cool surroundings.  The bottom line is that we use WAY more AC than the rest of the planet (which I guess isn't all that surprising, but it is embrassing).  Kelli and I recently returned from Mexico where most homes, stores, and public places are sans Air Conditioning.  It was hot and humid while we were there and we found ourselves running back ot our hotel daily longing for the rush of ice-cold air that met us as we opened the door to our hotel room.  The locals must have thought we were insane, spoiled, and definitely American.  Gotta think through this AC thing a bit more.

Anyway – just some rambled thoughts on being more responsible with the planet we call home.


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