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There's so much newness around the Newsome house these days and all the transition has forced us into a more private season of life as we have been too busy to post stories, ideas, pictures, video, etc.  Many of you have expressed curiousity as to what life looks like for us these days and thanks to Flickr – we're gonna show you:

Downtown BungalowNew House – we rented our house in Mesa and rented a 1924 Bungalow in a Historic District in Downtown Phoenix.  Within walking distance of First Fridays, the ballpark/arena, tons of museums and galleries, and some amazing restaurants/pubs. Take a little tour here. This great place with tons of history (it used to be a hair salon at one point) will serve as homebase as we launch a missional order in the Coronado District.





New Puppy – while the neighborhood is amazing, beautiful, creative, and filled with artists, it's become clear that our move downtown demands that we be more aware of our surroundings.  Part of this is having a dog to patrol the backyard keeping the bad guys from coming into our yard from the back alley.  With Moses our Great Dane on his last leg, we decided to train up a new recruit.  So here's our new boxer puppy – Chance.  He's adorable and crazy, but seems like a good dog so far. See some more pictures of him here.



Urban CruiserNew Bike – with so much to do so close by I can drive much much less. There's a whole bike scene down here with everyone from urban hipsters to homeless folks getting around on legpower.  And it seems a week doesn't go by without hearing about a group bike ride or a pub crawl on bikes (which sounds like a lot of fun).  My bike isn't anything special – a black beach cruiser, but attach the two-kid trailer to the back, get Kelli on her $15 1970's KMart 3-speed and watch out.  Anyway – it's been great relearning how to ride.  I've got my eye on this beast down the road.




Downtown Photo Set – as we snap more and more photos of downtown PHX, we'll add them to this set for your viewing pleasure, so check back from time to time.

Link: Newsome Flickr Page


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